Welcome to the Arcturus Wiki and Database!

Suggested Steps to playing Arcturus on Windows 10:

  1. Download the Japanese ISO file, English patch, and dxwnd.
  2. Open the iso to install the game.
  3. Copy ALL of the files in the English patch, paste and overwrite to the Arcturus folder in /programfiles86.
  4. Open dxwnd, drag Arcturus.exe and ArcExe.exe to the window.
  5. Run Arcturus.exe, configure settings to your liking.
  6. (Optional) Configure dxwnd for ArcExe.exe, good for alt-tabbing out of the game.
  7. Run ArcExe.exe inside of dxwnd to play the game.
  8. If the game doesn't open, make sure the ISO is mounted.